Body Scrubs

Moroccan Peeling Rose-Jasmin

Duration 40’

Fruity exfoliation with cherry, powders and plum remove impurities and dead cells, offering to your skin softness and brightness. This is followed by a creamy emulsion that moisturizes and nourishes, giving a silky texture while your body is wrapped in delicate fragrance of Moroccan rose petals and jasmines.

Body Toning Exfoliant

Duration 35’

Exfoliation with sea crystals, red seaweed and ethereal powder olive. Ideal preparation before and during your sun exposure for healthy and even tan. We apply a gentle emulsion to the body that leaves the skin smooth, bright and hydrated.

Delight Scrub with Flowers &Fruit

Duration 30'

A real pleasure, this exfoliation combines natural ingredients of fruits, flowers and exotic grains in a treatment of cleansing, radiance and velvet touch for your skin.

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