Body Treatments


Duration 60’

A bloodless revolutionary method of liposuction without a scalpel in areas that is applied ensures a permanent result. The feeling that the treatment leaves during its application is a feeling of cooling. The method is based on the reaction of adipose tissue at very low temperatures. As a result we have the crystallization and apoptosis of fat cells. Recommended for areas with strong local thickness, such as abdomen, waist, thighs, buttocks, knee and arms. Frequency of application is once a month at the same point, depending on your needs.

Spa Thalasso Full Body

All the benefits of the Spa Thalasso in one treatment.

Duration 60’

An original thalassotherapy with the most beneficial varieties of algae such as Spirulina, Fucus Powder, Palmaria Palmata, Chondrus Crispus activate the metabolism, detoxify, and gives to the skin radiance and smoothness. It nourishes and keeps the skin healthy with the anticellulite action. In an ambiance of marine breeze an exfoliation for deep skin cleansing and a thalassotherapy mask.

Sea Foam Massage & Calming Mask

Duration 60’

A unique relaxing experience for your body, this special treatment soothes, relaxesand invigorates your skin, relieves from tension and offers you relaxation and rejuvenation. With natural sea sponges and a creamy –soap cleanser a warm foamy massage is performed to the body for 20 minutes. It is followed by a full body wrap with a toning, soothing mask that increases the elasticity of the skin. The ritual is completed with the application of a cream soft as a protective veil that deeply moisturizes your skin and offers sublime glow.

Shimmer Satin Treatment

Duration 45’ | (Exfoliation and Hydration)

We proceed with a deep cleansing with salts, corals and hazelnut oil, coconut oil, soya, nut and Oligomer (solidified sea). Then apply a cream with a cocktail of marine ingredients to the whole body that restores the aquatic tone of your skin and prepares it to be safely exposed to the sun.

Golden Veil Therapy

Face and Body with 24 karat gold

Duration 120’

Golden Veil Face and Body Treatment is a complete treatment for hydration, anti-aging, rejuvenation, wellness, through the luxury of 24th carat gold and the subtle fragrances of field and desert flowers. Your treatment begins with deep body exfoliation that removes dead cells from the skin and gives you a soft and silky skin. The gold mask with rich texture and aroma will moisturize your body. Then a relaxing massage with the combination of valuable active ingredients leads you to the absolute youth and well-being. Finally a complete facial will offer your skin the luxury and shine of expensive jewelry. Freshness and shine in the perpetual art of beauty.

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