Face Treatments

Pionniere “XMF”Youth Revelation

Duration 90’ | (Face –Lips - Νeck)

Reveal your inner Youth with this original facial care using innovative ingredients and exceptional treatment techniques for instant and visible effectiveness. The exopolysaccharides XMF together with VMR and “Morio Οrchid” extract is on cutting edge of the biotechnology. It acts in the deeper layers of the skin by stimulating the synthesis of collagen, elastin and natural hyaluronic acid for a denser and firmer skin mattress. The « ΧΜF» creates an invisible natural film which smoothes the wrinkles immediately. Like after a facelift, the skin is smooth and vigorous, it glows with new radiance.

Acni Pur Treatment

Duration 50’

A targeted treatment for acneic skin with antibacterial and anti-inflammatory action. The fresh synthesis of the ingredients cleanse the skin deeply, balance the sebum production and help dialeted pores. This facial care offers an instant result while showing great respect for the skin. The ideal treatment for the appearance of imperfections and oiliness. The complexion is visible healthy, rejuvenated and fresh.

Douceur Marine

Duration 60’

Ideal care treatment for sensitive skin that calms and relieves immediately. Thanks to soothing properties of the ingedients, acts effectively to the redness of irritated skin. Water from marine springs, algae sugars, and coral extracts stimulate the microcirculation, reassuring a smooth and fresh skin. The appropriate treatment to protect your skin from harmful environmental conditions.

City – Life “Sorbet”

Duration 75'

A specialized treatment that combats environmental pollution for restoration of freshness and brightness of the skin. The “Sorbet” delicate texture of the products works in synergy with the skin and eliminates impurities, detoxifies, oxygenates and revitalizes. The cocktail of healthy ingredients, becomes a natural shield against environmental pollution and instantly moisturizes and illuminates dull and tired skin.

Eye & Lip Contour Treatment

Duration 35'

An anti-wrinkled eye treatment with collagen’s marine elements and elastin. It soothes the wrinkles of the eye contour and helps in decreasing the edemas and black circles. At the same time, enjoy a complete lip treatment. A cocktail of exfoliation with very effective ingredients which stimulate circulation, while the mask balm with hyaluronic nourishes, soothes, hydrates and tones the contour of the lips by giving them natural volume.

Easy lift

Duration 45’

A facial treatment especially for those who are not ready for surgery. It is the latest innovation used in cosmetic treatments. The active ingredients of the easy lift series have immediate tightening and visible lifting results on the skin. The treatment affects and restructures the natural shape of the face.

Vitamin C

Duration 45'

Vitamin C increases the strength and elasticity of the skin andgives a brighter and younger look. It is effective in preventing the aging process. Intensifies the synthesis of collagen and reduces sagging skin.It also acts as a dye inhibitor to reduce hyperpigmentation.

Mesoforce Beauty Treatment

Duration 90'

Α customized treatment, directly inspired by a session of Mesotherapy for rejuvenating, moisturizing and revitalizing the skin. Hyaluronic acid, highly concentrated vitamins cocktail and “Meso-like” antioxidants reinvigorate the cellular mechanism, stimulate and strengthen the skin’s structure, revitalize and enhance the complexion. A real shield of protection, this treatment moisturizes and restores vitality and glow to dull, saturated skin. For instant results we combine mesoforce with Cryovital or RF dependending on the needs of your skin.

HA3 Hyaluronic

Duration 45’

It is the ultimate treatment for deep hydration and rejuvenation of a tired and dull skin. HA3 Hyaluronic treatment enhances the collagen of the skin, which is responsible for firmness, elasticity and proper humidity levels. Hyaluronic acid activates the process of cell regeneration makes the skin smoother, younger and more radiant.


Duration 90’

Facial mesotherapy is a safe and painless procedure that offers rejuvenation and hydration to the face. Collagen production is activated and elastin increases at the same time the metabolism of the skin. The skin is enriched with valuable substances, such as hyaluronic acid, vitamin C, trace elements, polypeptides. The complex is firmer and brighter. The age you can start mesotherapy depends on the following factors: lifestyle, smoking, sun exposure.

The results of the treatment:

  • Deep hydration
  • Bright and purity
  • Reduce fine wrinkles and prevent the appearance of new ones
  • Renewal of natural collagen
  • Improves dark circles
  • Tightening the skin

Deep cleansing facial

Duration 90'

Deep cleansing of the face with steam is an essential treatment for all skin types, as a basic "source" of beauty. With double action, it detoxifies the skin and removes dirt and excess sebum that accumulates on its surface. As a result, it keeps the face healthy, restoring its natural glow, purity and proper levels of hydration.

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