Signature by Azalea Spa

Duration 75’ | (Well- Being massage)

A holistic massage inspired by Azalea Spa balances the flow of energy and promotes complete relaxation and wellness. A combination of the most favorite types of massages that our therapists have chosen for you. Travel your senses with special aromas of hot oil of your choice that flows from the head to the feet, following the energy lines. Face and head massage will give you a complete hydration and relaxation.

AromaVedic Holistic

Duration 30’

Holistic facial massage, inspired by India. Extractsfrom apricot oils, rich in vitamin E in combination with its essential oilslily, ylang - ylang, rosemary, rose, ginger, violet,coriander, camellia, invite you to a ritual of relaxation, energy,joy, and passion for life. Choose the essenτial oil you prefer. Last touch is the mask of roses (oils of rose wood androse petal extracts). Enjoy a holistic and aesthetic facial treatment andgive your skin a velvety feeling.

Mother to be

Duration 60’ | (indicated after the 3rd month of pregnancy)

This gentle massage is designed to relieve from discomfort and tension in the waist that may caused during pregnancy. Pregnancy massage has many scientifically proven health benefits, such as stimulating the circulation and lymphatic systems, relieving back pain, balancing the hormone levels, improving muscle flexibility.

Deep tissue massage

Duration 30’

Deep tissue massage is a type of therapeutic massage of the deeper layers. The therapist uses fingers, fists, palms and elbows to find the problem areas. It is ideal for cases with chronic muscle tension.

Hot stone massage

Duration 70’

A pleasant massage that combines hot volcanic stones and aromatic oils. A unique experience that offers complete relaxation and harmony. The oils moisturize and nourish your skin. Targeted movements and hot stones remove chronic pain and tension, improving blood circulation.

Aroma relaxing massage

Duration 25’/50’/80’

Enjoy a mysterious experience of perfumes that will flood your body, mind and soul. The rich and velvet texture of shea butter with argan oil and essential oil by a gentle pressure massage, benefits the whole body, causing a feeling of peace and well-being. Enjoy an aromatherapy that gives you a soft and hydrated skin.

Sports massage

Duration 70’

A therapeutic massage ideal for athletes. The combination of intense massage with stretching, will decongest the tighted muscles and will offer relief and relaxation. Ideal before and after exercise for recovery.

Back & head massage

Duration 30’ / 50’

Rejuvenate yourself with a treatment that targets on the high tension areas of the body, head, neck, shoulders and back. This massage is designed to relieve muscle tension, pain and increase flexibility.

Detox leg massage

Duration 30’

A specialized massage technique designed to stimulate the circulation and lymphatic systems, to promote fat burning by targeting areas of fluid retention and cellulite. ideal for tired legs.


Duration 55’

Lymphatic is a type of massage that has the property of helping to improve health, removing toxins from the body and improving the appearance of cellulite. It supports the good circulation of the lymph fluid and the proper functioning of the lymph nodes. Through the treatment, the swellings subside and the appearance of orange peel and the skin regains its smooth and radiant appearance. Aimed at people of all ages, even teenagers. The tedious rhythms of everyday life, stress and poor diet tend to harm our body on a daily basis. Applying the treatment often on the face and body we have visible results.

Herbal boluses holistic Massage

Duration 70’

Warm silk pouches full of aromatic herbs and salt crystals, immersed in essential oils and the therapeutic massage by the Azalea Spa therapist offer hyperemia, eliminate lactic acid, relieve stress and muscle tension. They help to detoxify the body and reduce sleep disorders.

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