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Christina Chili

Christina has been a licensed Physiotherapist since 2015. Christina's specialties are in alltypes of Massage such as Reflexology, Swedish and Hot stones massage, Lymphatic andCellulite massage. Her strong point is to make people feel relaxed, calm and free of any muscular pain through the techniques she uses in relaxing-therapeutic and sportsmassage.

She keeps her interest in job alive with continuous learning and training.

Marinela Kalyva

Marinela is a licensed Physiotherapist from Institute AKMI of Athens. She finished herstudies in 2014 and she joined Azalea Spa in 2015. She is trained in Therapeutic,Swedish, Sports, Aromatherapy, Thai Oil Massage and Kinesiotherapy. Her workexperience has make her to gain a better understanding of what a human body needs inorder to be cured and release stress.

Marinela believes that massage offers deep and lasting healing of body and mind.

Massage Therapists..

Thanos Skoyfitsas-Christopoulos

Thanos is a master in the art of massage. He is a certified Physiotherapist since 2012. Heuses a variety of massage techniques and he knows exactly how to combine them in orderto relax the body and soften the muscle tissue. His area of expertise includes Reflexology, Thai massage and Shiatsu, Sport, Therapeutic and Relaxation massage, Pregnancy,Lymphatic and Deep Tissue massage and Mud therapy.

He is an energetic and passionate young man who obtains a lot of knowledge andexperience in his field.

Madona Foleta

Madona graduated as a beautician-massage therapist from Institute Xini of Athens in2013. She began her work experience at Azalea Spa in 2011. Through seminars, she hasbeen taught many facial and body treatments, nail art, hair-styling and make-up.Furthermore, she is a specialist in massage therapies such as Cellulite treatment andDeep Tissue Massage, Release and Relax Motion Massage, Sports Massage, Swedishand Reflexology Massage, Aromatherapy Massage and Massage for kids.

She plans to continue to learn new techniques that will help on meeting the client’s goalsfor deep sense of wellness and rejuvenation.


Sophia Kyriakopoulou

Sophia is a certified beautician from Institute AKMI of Athens. She began her carrier atAzalea Spa in 2011 and since then she has become an expert in massage therapies suchas Swedish, Reflexology, Relax and Sport. Her main strength is the facial treatments andshe knows exactly how to take care any skin type. Additionally, through seminars she hasgained considerable knowledge of make-up, hair-styling and nail art.

Her primary goal is to help people feel better and love themselves when they look in amirror.

Personal Training & Pilates & Yoga..

Evangelia Kyriazi

Evangelia is a personal and pilates trainer. She has studied Sport Science at theUniversity of Komotini, Greece. She loves working with people and help them to achievetheir own goals. She focuses in athletic training, improving strength, weight loss andgaining muscle mass, but first of all she adapts the fitness program according to anyone'sneeds. She is also a Yoga instructor (pro level 1) and her goal through practising yoga is tobring physical and mental health to her clients.

Her passion for teaching and motivating people, led her to learn new ways in order tomake people love exercise.

Eirini Lamprou

Eirini is a professional fitness instructor and she is always looking for ways to expand herknowledge. She has finished her studies at the University of TEFAA in Greece and she has also a bachelor degree in dance therapy. Through seminars,she is trained in Pilates and some styles of Yoga such as alliance, prenatal and kids.

She has a relaxed but professional attitude which allows her to create a warm and friendly atmosphere for the customers.


Konstantina Papakonstantinou

Konstantina is a professional babysitter with proven experience in many ages. Konstantinais the right person for your trip, if you have children. She can look after them and makesthem have fun, giving you some time for yourself to relax and enjoy your vocation.

She is a so responsible person that she achieves to gain parents' trust from the firstmoment .

We will be very happy to help you with any queries you may have with regards to our services.
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