In the Azalea Luxury Spa you have the chance to create a package that suits your needs for revitalizing and relaxing holidays. Please ask our staff for more details.

  • Bridal’s pre-wedding day spa

    Day 1

    Duration 140’

    • Body scrub of her choice holistic or wellbeing massage for 60’
    • Face care for 45’ based on your needs

    Day 2 Bride & friends

    Duration 70’ (each)

    • Massage 30’ or facial treatment based on your needs
    • Hairstyling
  • Groom’s pre-wedding day spa

    Day 1

    Duration 120’

    • Body Scrub & back & head massage
    • Face care for 45' based on your needs

    Day 2 Groom & friends

    Duration 70’ (each)

    • 30’ massage
    • Hairstyling & grooming

Healthy drinks & fresh fruits for the end! (Also you can choose between the 2 days package and both)

Online Booking

You can have a luxurious experience with our services just by clicking on the button "Book an Appointment" and fill the form. We are going to contact you and book the day and the time it fits your needs.

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