Anti Cellulite Slimming Cream

This is a product that you will definitely love from the very first moment!

After lots of thought, months of experiments, long hours of work and meetings with the specialists of NOUVELIN DERMO & COSMETICS we created the PERFECT BODY cream.

It was my love for a beautiful female body that led me in the creation of this effective cream, which fights cellulite and achieves the sculpting of the skin of the body.

Exactly what a woman wants, just in a bottle! This is a product that you will definitely love from the very first moment! See below its magical and completely natural ingredients.

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Extraordinary Ingredients

PhytexcellTM Guarana

Guarana seeds contain the highest amount of caffeine compared to coffee, tea, and cocoa. Caffeine is a plant alkaloid that belongs to the purine chemicals.

Caffeine can penetrate into our skin in a very efficient way causing an increase of blood circulation where it was applied. Some other valuable active ingredients in guarana are tannins and saponins, resins, mucilage, and amyl.

Guarana seed cosmetic extracts are used for cellulite treatment in firming and slimming products.

EFFECT: lipolytic, astringent, stimulant, phlebotonic, antibacterial


Pro Slimming-anti cellulite

Soy (Glycine max) is a type of legume that originates from East Asia and is widely cultivated for its edible beans which can be used in many different ways. Genistein is an isoflavone found in soy in a great number. Its natural finding in nature is as glycoside and has to be converted to aglycone in order to be applied and have an active effect on skin.

In Iso-slimComplex, Genistein is found combined with 3 other active substances: caffeine and carnitine, which helps in breakdown of fats, and spirulina platensis extract which has firming and restructuring properties. Iso-slimComplex inhibits the formation of new fat cells (cells specialized for fat storage), promotes the breakdown of fat and improves the strength, firmness and softness of the skin very efficiently too.

This product can visibly decrease cellulite (cellulite measure: - 37%), has multiple slim focused action (thigh circumference: - 3.8 cm) and enhances the increase of collagen for a better and robust appearance. Iso-SlimComplex can be used for weight loss, anti-aging effect, tightening and against cellulite.

Clinical Studies

Effects against cellulite are visible. A group of twenty women with severe cellulite issues aged between 39 and 58 used a gel cream that contains 4% of Iso-SlimComplex once a day for a week to the thigh. The grade of cellulite was evaluated visually from experts based on a 5 point scale.

The results have shown that Iso-SlimComplex decreases cellulite significantly. The cellulite’s average was 37% lower after 4- 6 weeks of use compared to the part of the thigh where it was applied.

Based on the same results, the thigh circumference was reduced 3.8 cm after 4- 6 weeks of use compared to the untreated thigh, too.

These skin’s quality improvements increased the stability of the skin by 57% and increased the smoothness of the skin as well by 41% after 4-6 weeks compared to the untreated thigh.


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