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Azalea Spa, the second in our venture was opened in 2012 in Glyfada, Athens. Our first centre the Elektra Spa was set up in Kalamata Peloponesse in 2008. Both our Spa Centres operate under high standards with highly qualified professionals. We aim at not just satisfying the customers, but to delight them with our professionalism, expertise and a complete understanding of their needs.

Our team, that features 30 professional spa therapists and fitness instructors, is covered by insurance policy taken out by the company. We co-operate with several countries all around the world, such as Dubai, Paris and Geneva. Furthermore, with the guidance of our specialized team of engineers and architects, we undertake the construction of spa.

We will be very happy to help you with any queries you may have with regards to our services.
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Azalea Spa provides yacht owners and guests the ultimate luxury of spa and beauty services directly to their door stop,
creating individual therapies based on their needs. Our wide range of on board professional spa treatments
and fitness instruction includes:

Perfect Body

Anti Cellulite Slimming Cream

It was my love for a beautiful female body that led me in the creation of this effective cream, which fights cellulite and achieves the sculpting of the skin of the body. Exactly what a woman wants, just in a bottle!

from Elena Fragkiskaki

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Luxury Events

Azalea Spa attends a wide variety of international yachting and luxury events throughout the year. For many years the company
participates successfully in multiple yacht shows, like these held in Nafplio and Poros.
We follow many yacht shows like this in Monaco.

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